A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 20

As I’m writing this, I think I might have a slight migraine. So if you’re expecting an above average blog post today, you probably should not do that…

Any who on with the week.

Only one thing of note happened this week, or is actually still currently happening, it’s called “Simbang Gabi”. It’s a Filipino tradition (oh, I’m Filipino, by the way) where you would go to mass everyday for nine days straight very early in the morning in anticipation of Christmas.

You might dread waking up at 3 in the morning for 9 days straight, but the way I see it is that this is an opportunity to fix my non-existent sleep schedule. So I now have to force myself so sleep early so I’m actually awake during mass, and hopefully it sticks even after those 9 days.

I think that’s pretty much it for this week. Next week is Christmas, so get ready for a long rant, hopefully.

Good bye now, thanks for reading.

Word(s) of the Week

  • unequivocal – leaving no doubt; unambiguous.
  • svelte – (of a person) slender and elegant
  • resplendent – attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.

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