A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 31

Aight, here we are again, my lads

This week was pretty busy, I think. Did I feel it? No, not really. But do I know it in my brain that I’ve managed to do a lot? Yes, I believe so.

Just did a bunch of client work, and attended meetings. Plus all the “time to gitgud you noob” things that I’ve been doing on the sidelines. Oh and also, been learning a bunch about crypto and NFTs

One thing I did realize in regards to client work is that taking care of all the freaking documentation and papers is just as tiring, if not more so, than doing the actual job itself.

Ah, adulting is hard guys, amirite.

See y’all next week.

P.S. New words section has now been discontinued for 2 reasons, I’m lazy, and also I’ve found it wasn’t really helping in terms of improving my fluency in this language we call English, so I’ve decided to use a new system of learning vocab. That’s that.

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