A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 34

If you ever get a chance to see close friends that you’ve managed to build a connection with online during this pandemic, or just in general, I highly recommend taking that chance to actually meet them in person.

I’ve just gone through this exact experience and I never thought I’d be this stoked to see actual human beings in person before (even if it was just for a moment), but alas, here we are.

One major takeaway from this experience is that I actually do not know how to interact with people anymore, it seems that being holed up inside for 2 years having no contact with the outside world will have that effect on a person.

I need to learn to get a better handle on my emotions. My body did not know how to process the sudden wave of extreme happiness and joy, hence it just went on full-blown monkey brain mode, and I just started running and jumping around like an absolute fool. Looking back, I feel somewhat cringe at the way I acted, but it’s all good I shall learn.

Anyways that’s the end of my spiel, the tldr is this: Meeting online friends for the first time in person is a highly recommended experience.

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