A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 73 & 74

So, it’s now the new year guys.

And as you’ve probably noticed, there wasn’t a weekly blog last week.

It was freaking Christmas day, give me a break.

Anyways, the absence of last week’s blog has provided an opportune moment to include more content for this one, which I guess I’ll use to also wrap up the train wreck that was last year.

Let us begin.

The reading goal was not achieved, I repeat, it was not achieved. I was 2 books behind. But that’s fine, one of the learnings from the year previous has been that the number of books read don’t really matter, if given the chance to read less but absorb more of what you’ve read, do that instead.

One of the resolutions for this year is to do just that. So, look out for ramblings based of multiple re-reads of the same books.

Another very important discovery that happened last year: the introduction of the Stoic philosophy to my humble mind.

The innumerable revelations just from reading/surrounding myself with materials regarding this topic has proved itself invaluable as I went through some of the not so good parts of last year. This philosophy has acted as a sort of lifeline during the particularly difficult moments.

Moving forward, I’ll continue immersing myself in the Stoic practice, I have a feeling I’ll now be using this tool for the remainder of my life here.

Alright, last one before I end this.

Not really a learning or a revelation, just general wisdom that has been further affirmed.

Writing is really important. I believe it’s an essential skill that everyone should learn. It will help you out immensely as you journey through life.

With that being said, a goal has been set for this year, just to help in further developing that writing muscle.

Tis the goal: To write every day, every single day, weekends included.

It doesn’t matter what you write, just sit down for 20-30 minutes every day and write. Very simple right?

Wrong. I’m not expecting this to be a cake walk, in fact quite the opposite. I’ve mentally prepared myself that fate will get in the way of me achieving this goal. And you know what, f*** you kindly fate, I will do this, or at least I’ll try my very best.

Come back after this year is done. See for yourself if any improvement has been made.

Anyways, very long-winded post that’s all over the place. And I’m not apologizing he he he.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year people

Peace out for now

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