A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 77 & 78

First competition of the year + another celebration of a birthday for the same person…

I don’t really have much to say about the first topic. To sum up, the goals set were not achieved and a tiny bit of disappointed still lingers, but all is well now. We shall try doing better next time.

As for the second topic, also not much to say. Met with friends, hanged out, drank. Overall, a good time.

Anyways, here’s more bite-sized wisdom for y’all.

You wanna make less mistakes in your life? Or, probably a better way to put it, do you want to be not as flabbergasted when those mistakes eventually come?

There’s quite a simple solution for that actually.

Go seek out, watch and follow people who are much wiser than you are. Why? Because a high reason as to why they’re so wise in the first place is most likely because they made the same mistakes already, and they learned a thing or two from the whole experience.

Quote of the day: Watch the wise…

So, ye, go do that and make less regrets or not, you could do that to.

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