A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 82

Looking back, I’ve noticed a pattern of mundanity has been occurring.

I want to put a stop to that. Production has slowed down, for sure.

And being scammed certainly did not help the cause. Oh yeah, I got scammed for the first time. It does not feel very pleasant I tell you. But we shall move past it, we need to, if we want to do anything meaningful.

(One thing that I’ve now come to realize for having gone through the whole ordeal of being scammed is that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.)

I think it’s vitally important to keep in mind that it’s ok to not be productive all the time. It happens, life will have its ups, but it will also have an equal amount, if not more down moments.

Just don’t stop. If you stop it’s over.

Don’t waste the life that you’ve been given. That would be very sad. It would be more honorable to live a life that’s worth living.

Ok, I will stop now. I think I’m getting beyond myself; I’ve barely started living my life for gosh darn sake. I’ll let you know how my life went in about 40-50 years, and if I lived a good one.

I’ll go back to reading my books now.

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