A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 97

First competition of the month. I’m not satisfied with my performance.

But it’s quite a dilemma, because I really shouldn’t care about my results. Once I start doing that I’ll just magically get better.

So, I’ll start doing that more often. Not putting so much pressure on myself.

Also, I’m thinking of applying for WCA delegate. I’ll see how the process goes.

One response

  1. First of all, congratulations on participating in the competition! It’s understandable to feel unsatisfied with your performance, but remember that progress takes time and effort. It’s great that you recognize the importance of not putting too much pressure on yourself. Embracing a more relaxed mindset can often lead to improved results. Applying for a WCA delegate sounds like an exciting opportunity. Best of luck with the process, and remember to enjoy the journey of growth and self-improvement along the way

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