A Week in Dale’s Life – Week 99

One week away from hitting the 3 digit mark.

I feel absolutely normal, maybe a bit sleepy. We keep steadily moving on with our lives.

I don’t need much in life. And I certainly won’t say no to a bit of mundanity sprinkled here and there. That is what this week has been, and I’m all for it.

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  1. annyeong haseyo try 1 Avatar
    annyeong haseyo try 1

    Congratulations on nearing the milestone of reaching the 3-digit mark! Feeling normal and a bit sleepy is completely understandable during this journey. Embracing the steady pace of life is a wise approach. Sometimes, a touch of mundanity can bring a sense of comfort and stability. It’s wonderful that you appreciate and welcome such moments. Enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of this week, and keep moving forward with your goals.

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